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Ghostwriting, Direct Response, and SEO Copywriting Services for Visionary Thought Leaders and Legendary Brands.

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"Heather made the process of writing a book so enjoyable.  Her research abilities, her organization, and her attention to detail, as well as her creativity, were critical to the success of this project.  I had no idea how the process worked, but thanks to Heather guiding me through every step, we created a finished product that has brought me multiple 5-star reviews and prominence in my field with clients and colleagues alike.  Heather helped me stay on track, finish each task on time, and handle all the intricate details of publication.  


She was willing to do whatever it took to get the book published on my timeline, even when I was holding up the process.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She was a dream to work with, and I cannot wait to write another book so that I can work with her again."

Anne H.

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Aspiring to self-publish and seeking a ghostwriter to bring your vision to life? Our exclusive worksheet is the first step. Tailored for future authors like you, it navigates the critical "Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How" of your book's foundation, preparing you for collaboration.


This tool sets the stage whether you're aiming for brand elevation, thought leadership, or impactful storytelling. Explore how flexibility and creativity can enhance your message. Are you ready to make your publishing dreams a reality with me as your ghostwriting ally?


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Glad You're Here! 

I'm Heather, a seasoned copywriter dedicated to crafting authentic, compelling content with a human touch. With a comprehensive range of copy packages including everything from content strategy and SEO optimization, all the way up to website copy and book ghostwriting, I have a solid track record in propelling businesses and groundbreaking professionals to thought leadership status in their industries.

Leveraging expertise in SEO, direct response, thought leadership, ghostwriting, course content creation, and content strategy, I excel in crafting compelling content for businesses scaling to miltiple seven figures.

Embracing a philosophy of humility and a stress-minimized lifestyle, these values are mirrored in my approach to business. I'm keen to partner with high-achieving entrepreneurs and organizations that prioritize both excellence and well-being.


Let's join forces to create something truly

remarkable together!

Done-For-You Copywriting Services That Garner Authority and Results.

Green Ink Copywriting LLC. is committed to ensuring that your essential marketing assets receive the attention they deserve.


My goal is to forge deep, long-lasting partnerships with entrepreneurs who are driven to establish themselves as authorities in their industry.

I'm passionate about delivering high-quality, SEO-rich copy that provides an incredible ROI. My ultimate objective is to support a core group of experts, authorities, and trailblazers who are making a real impact in their field.

Let's work together to build a lasting relationship and achieve your business goals. Contact me today to get started!



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